Chilbosan (Mt Chilbo) is a remote mountainous region located near the coast of North Hamgyong Province where it meets the East Sea of Korea (Sea of Japan). The region serves as a tourist destination for foreigners and locals alike due to its natural beauty.

The name 'Chilbosan' translates to 'Seven Treasures Mountain'; the name derives from a legend that tells of seven hidden treasures buried in the region. The direct translation uses the term 'mountain' to describe the entire range. Similar to the similarly beautiful region of Kumgangsan in Kangwon Province; Chilbo is sometimes referred to as the 'Kumgangsan of North Hamgyong'.


The area is open to foreign travellers but it also frequented by domestic tourists; many visitors travel to the region via Orang airport to the north, which also serves the provincial capital of Chongjin, and then drive a few hours south along the coast to reach Chilbo.

KCTV Korean Language Informercial on Chilbosan
The coastal area is known as Sea Chilbo
Mountainous peaks dominate the landscape of Chilbosan
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