The city of Chongjin is the third-largest city in the Democratic People's Republic of Korea and the capital city of North Hamgyong Province. Chongjin is located on the eastern seaboard of the DPRK and serves as an important port on the East Sea of Korea (Sea of Japan).


The city is considered the second-most important international port, after Nampo in the south-west, and primarily serves as a base for trade with Russia and Japan due to its proximity with those countries. Both Russia and China maintain consulates in Chongjin, the only countries to have additional diplomatic assets outside of their Pyongyang embassies.


Known colloquially as 'The City of Iron', Chongjin serves as the largest centre for heavy industry in the country. It is an important steel manufacturing site as well as hosting numerous factories producing fibres, textiles and other products. One of the largest steel mills in the country is the Kimchaek Iron & Steel Factory, initially opened by the Japanese under the name 'Nippon Steel'.

City Square in Chongjin
Chongjin operates old Pyongyang stock on its tram network
East port at Chongjin

Korean State Railway

Transport Connections

Pyongra Line




Hambuk Line


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