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Provinces of the DPRK

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea consists of 9 provinces, each with a provincial capital city, government and unique economy. The current administrative tier system derives from the traditional provinces of the Korean peninsula. Historically, the regions of Hamgyong, Pyongan, Hwanghae and Kangwon have been distinct from one another - this formed the basis for the current provincial system.

Pyongyang, the capital city, is administered separately as a directly-governed city - bordered by South Pyongan province to the north and North Hwanghae Province to the south, the capital sits along the Taedong river in the south-west of the country. Similarly, the Special Economic Zone of Rason in the far north-east is administered separately from North Hamgyong Province. The are consists of two cities, Rajin and Sonbong and is the site of the small land border with Russia.

To find out more about each province and the sites within, click on a region on the map above.

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