The small city of Kimchaek is located near the border between North Hamgyong and South Hamgyong. A relatively small city, it sits on the coast of the East Sea of Korea (Sea of Japan) and serves as a small port.

The city was named after the revolutionary fighter Kim Chaek (born Kim Hong Gye). Kim served alongside the President Kim Il Sung in Manchuria and northern Korea against the Japanese occupation and eventually became a vice-chairman of the Worker's Party of Korea. He was later appointed deputy Premier under Kim Il Sung and was killed during a bombing raid during the Korean War. In his honour, the city of Songjin and a neighbouring county were merged to form the city of Kimchaek.

Not to be confused with the Kimchaek Ironworks in Chongjin or the prestigious Kimchaek University of Technology in the capital, Pyongyang.


Kimchaek serves primarily as a port city. It makes up a network ports on the East Sea alongside Wonsan, Chongjin and others.

Kimchaek Railway Station
The bust of Kim Chaek at the Revolutionary Martyrs' Cemetery
The Kim Chaek University E-Library in Pyongyang

Korean State Railway

Transport Connections

Pyongra Line




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