North Hwanghae




North Hwanghae Province is located in the centre of the Korean peninsula and the south of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It is bordered to the south by the Korean Demilitarised Zone and South Korea, to the east by Kangwon Province, to the west by South Hwanghae Province and to the north by Pyongyang, South Pyongan Province and South Hamgyong Province.

The province primarily consists of relatively level ground providing the ideal environment for agriculture. The far north-east of North Hwanghae is dominated by mountainous terrain which spreads into the neighbouring provinces of Kangwon and South Hamgyong.


The economy of North Hwanghae is dominated by agriculture and light industry. The southernmost city, Kaesong, is a major centre for the DPRK's light industry and is the site of many material processing factories as well as being surrounded by farmland.


The level terrain means the region is one of the few areas of the country suited to extensive agricultural cultivation. As with the rest of the DPRK, almost all farmable land is dedicated to agriculture and therefore this practice dominates the provincial economy; similar to the neighbouring province of South Hwanghae.

In the north of the province, the city of Songnim is the site of a major ironworks and also serves as a small port city on the Taedong river between Pyongyang and Nampo.



Notable Sites

Historically, Kaesong served as the capital of the Koryo dynasty and many of the traditional city buildings remained untouched. The city was spared from US bombardment during the Korean War and is, therefore, one of the only locations in the country where such buildings still dominate.

Kaesong was the only city to change hands during the Korean conflict. Situated south of the 38th parallel, the city was initially held by the US forces after national liberation in 1945 but was occupied by the northern forces at the time of the armistice agreement and was therefore ceded to Pyongyang's control in 1953.

Revolutionary History

Panmunjom, situated in North Hwanghae, was the site of the armistice agreement signed in 1953 between the DPRK and UN forces. The village is visitable from both North Korea and South Korea, where it sits on the northern border of Gyeonggi Province.

In 2018, the Marshal Kim Jong Un met with the President of South Korea Moon Jae In at Panmunjom in the Korean DMZ for an inter-Korean summit. The meeting marked the first time a leader of the DPRK stepped into South Korean territory.

The provincial capital city, Sariwon
Kaesong, the largest city in the province
Panmunjom, the site of the Joint Security Area in the DMZ


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