North Pyongan



North Pyongan Province is located in the north-west of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. It is bordered to the east by Chagang Province, to the south by South Pyongan province, to the north by China's Liaoning Province and to the west by the West Sea (Yellow Sea).

The province is characterised by highlands in the north, mostly foothills of the Kangnam range, and the relatively flat land which dominates the landscape in the south of the province and along the coastline.

The northern border of the province is marked by the Amnok (Yalu) river which runs from Paektusan on the China-DPRK border in Ryanggang Province and serves as a natural border between the two countries before entering the West Sea near the provincial capital, Sinuiju and the Chinese city of Dandong.


The economy of North Pyongan is as diverse as its geography. The provincial capital, Sinuiju, is a centre for light industry and has a shipyard in its southern harbour. Other areas further south such as the city of Chongju are centres of agriculture, making use of the flat terrain which is scarce in the rest of the country. Much of the province in the south and west is dedicated to agriculture since the lack of suitable land elsewhere makes it necessary.

Sinuiju is also the main border crossing between the DPRK and China over the Amnok River. Most international trade passes over the China-DPRK Friendship Bridge making Sinuiju of extra importance to the country as a whole.

North Pyongan is also at the core of the National Nuclear Defence Force with the main launch site, Sohae, and the main weapons development centre, Nyongbyon, being located in the province.

A mural of the President Kim Il Sung just south of Sinuiju
The Myohyangsan region stretches into Chagang Province







Notable Sites

North Pyongan is the site of Myohyangsan (Mt. Myohyang) inside which is located the International Friendship Exhibition Hall - a grand exhibition in which gifts from international organisations, world leaders and other public figures are on display. Many of these gifts were sent specifically to the President Kim Il Sung and/or the General Kim Jong Il.

Sohae Satellite Launching Facility is located on a small peninsula on the west coast of North Pyongan. The facility was the site of the successful Kwangmyongsong-3 and Kwangmyongsong-4 satellite launches.

The Nyongbyon nuclear reseach facility is located in southern North Pyongan near the border with South Pyongan. The site is at the core of the DPRK's nuclear defence force and is thought to be the site where most of the country's nuclear weapons were first developed with experimental reactors.

Revolutionary History

The father of President Kim Il Sung, Kim Hyong Jik, is said to have visited the province regularly from his home in Mangyongdae near Pyongyang. There is a monument dedicated to him in Sakju County in North Pyongan Province.

Farmland in North Pyongan Province
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