North Pyongan Province

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North Pyongan Province is located in the north-west of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea. The region is bordered by South Pyongan to the south, Chagang to the east, the West Sea to the west and China to

the north across the Amnok river. The region similar to other northern

regions with most of its area covered with mountainous terrain.

The provincial capital is Sinuiju, the major port of entry and exit for

trade with China across the Sino-Korean friendship bridge. The city

is a centre of light industry in the DPRK and is of particular importance

to the country as most land-based international trade passes through

China and therefore passes through Sinuiju. Kusong is another city

in the region and is a centre for military industry.

On the west coast of the province is the Sohae Satellite launching

ground which was the location of the Kwangmyongsong-4

satellite launch in February 2016.

The far-east of the region, amidst the mountains, is the home of the

International Friendship Exhibition Centre; a large museum carved

into a mountain housing a plethora of gifts from foreign governments

and dignitaries to Marshall Kim Jong Un, General Kim Jong Il,

President Kim Il Sung or the Korean People. The

site is regularly visited as a tourist attraction.

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