Pyongsong [평성시]

Pyongsong was established formally in 1989 and is the provincial capital of South Pyongan Province. The city has a population of over 280,000 people and was built to be the science an technology centre of the country. This however was later superseded by developments in the capital Pyongyang and the creation of Mirae (Future) Scientists Street and the Science and Technology Centre which serves as the heart of the national Sci-Tech program.

The city boasts a Science University with is reported to have a nuclear physics department in order to educate a new generation of nuclear scientists to help develop the national nuclear program.


The city centre square is the site of a museum dedicated to President KIm Il Sung alongside statues of the President and General. Another square within the city is graced with the customary statues of President Kim Il Sung and General Kim Jong Il at one end and is flanked by the Science University on one side and a nice open green park on the other.

The mixed landscape means the city is able to maintain agricultural areas in its outskirts and small light industrial factories.

Pyongsong Main Avenue

A school in Pyongsong

Pyongsong City Hall

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