Wangjaesan Grand Monument

One of three 'Grand Monuments' in the DPRK, the monument at Wangjaesan was constructed in 1975 on the site of the Wangjaesan conference in 1933. The Wangjaesan Grand Monument is located near the border with the People's Republic of China in the far north of North Hamgyong Province in the county of Onsong. The statue depicts the President Kim Il Sung surrounded by anti-Japanese revolutionary fighters and children as well as a large stone tower topped with a red flame which represents the Juche ideology.

The Wangjaesan monument in North Hamgyong, the Mansudae monument in central Pyongyang and the Samjiyon Grand Monument in Ryanggang make up the three 'Grand Monuments' of the DPRK.

Wangjaesan Light Music Band

The Wangjaesan Light Music Band was named after Mt. Wangjae upon which the monument is located. It was formed in 1983 by the General Kim Jong Il and also encompasses the Wangjaesan Dance Troupe.

The band name follows a long tradition of naming musical ensembles after important sites; other examples include the Pochonbo Electronic Ensemble and the Moranbong Band.

Wangjaesan Grand Monument, Ongson-gun, N.Hamngyong Province

Wangjaesan Conference.

Official history dictates that on the 11th of March 1933, the President Kim Il Sung who, at the time was commander of the anti-Japanese revolutionary forces in northern Korea and Manchuria, held a conference at Wangjaesan where he directed local fighters to continue the fight against the Japanese occupation. This was an effort to expand support in the region for the anti-Japanese cause at a time when the occupation was still at the height of its power in Korea.

Other peripheral statues at the monument
Mansudae Grand Monument
Samjiyon Grand Monument
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